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THE DENTIST IS IN: Check Up, Cleaning, Zoom

Teeth Whitening at Fashion Smile Dental Clinic

When in Manila


A visit to Fashion Smile is not your usual visit to the dentist. Found in Makati’s business district, this dental clinic will make those scary dentist visits a thing of the past.

I walked into Fashion Smile’s lobby and I immediately felt relaxed. The lobby is not what you’d usually expect to find when visiting a clinic. The comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and soothing aromatherapy fragrances make time in the waiting room worthwhile. Authentic persian tea was served in a beautiful tea set, all this was enough to make me forget this was a medical appointment.

The couple behind Fashion Smile, Dr. Shideh L. Nikbin and Dr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi, explained their non traditional approach: the goal was to disassociate Fashion Smile from the things that makes a dentist visits scary – this soothing environment is the result. They hope to change the usual  notion of how a dental clinic should and they aim to educate people about dental health and hygiene.







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Carlos has more reasons to smile

The Philippines Star

at Fashion Smile Dental Spa


MANILA, Philippines – A healthy smile is not only beautiful, it is also important to maintain a healthy self-esteem. Studies have proven that dental health plays a significant role in the confidence of a person. People who are negatively conscious about their smile do not feel good about interacting with others.

Ask Carlos Agassi, who experienced the cruelty of show business, when it comes to physical appearance.

“People can be judgmental and unforgiving when it comes to actors and actresses not looking good on the screen or in ads. And in this case, a nice smile, preferably with perfect teeth, can be your savior,” says the Persian-Filipino actor.

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Healthy smile, healthy self-esteem

Asian News Today 

at Fashion Smile Dental Spa

“A smile can make or break first impressions. So of course we want our smile to be the best,” says Agassi.

Many people are unhappy and embarrassed with their smile. A strong correlation has been established between having bad teeth and low self-esteem. Yellow, crooked or missing teeth can affect one’s professional life dramatically, as it can reduce confidence.

On the other hand, a good smile can have a dramatic effect on job interviews, meeting a new partner, making new friends and having a polished and confident professional look.

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13217384_998881383513871_1563539465742369925_o (1)

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Parent-child de-stresser

The Daily Tribune

Aramesh Spa and Wellness

Hands and foots

If adults, especially parents, experience stress at work and at home, children feel stressed-out, too. And a good way to relieve stress and tension of both parent and child is a relaxing massage.
“Even children experience stress, especially when they are very active and have many interactions in school. Kids also need to relax,” says Dr. Farzaneh Jimenez Shamsi, a Filipino-Persian dentist and co-owner of Fashion Smile Clinic and Aramesh Spa and Wellness in Makati City.
That is why Aramesh, claiming to be the first Persian spa in the metro, offers massages for both parents and children to relax their mind and body together. What a way to bond and spend quality time.
“We mostly recommend Swedish Therapy for Kids, the basic form of massage that can make them relaxed after a busy day from school or even after playtime,” adds Dr. Far.

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A mother’s pride

The Daily Tribune

at Fashion Smile Dental Spa


Having a daughter who follow your footsteps is every mother’s pride. “I am very happy that being in the medical profession is her passion and I am proud of her,” says Dr. Wilma Lagpacan Nikbin of her only daughter, Dr. Shahideh, an entrepreneur and orthodontist.
Dr. Wilma, an obstetrician and gynecologist, married Dr. Fazel Nikbin, dental surgeon of Persian descent and they have three children.
“Shideh is my eldest, only daughter and my favorite,” admits Dr. Wilma. “She is the adventurer and goal-getter. Dr. Sheiss is the religious one and the family guy, and chef Shoaib is the easy-go-lucky one.”
Wilma was 25 when she gave birth to Shideh. “I was ready, physically and mentally. I prepared a good place with a good atmosphere and all of the things that a newborn needs,” says the 59-year-old Filipino doctor.
Growing up, the three siblings had to adjust to two different cultures: Filipino and Persian. Dr. Wilma says they got the best features of both nationalities.

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Healthy smile, healthy self-esteem

at Fashion Smile Dental Spa

Manila Standard Today

A healthy smile is not only beautiful, it is also important to maintain a healthy self-esteem.

Studies have proven that dental health plays a significant role in the confidence of a person. People who are negatively conscious about their smile do not feel good about interacting with others.

Ask actor Carlos Agassi, who experienced the cruelty of show business when it comes to physical appearance.

“People can be judgmental and unforgiving when it comes to actors and actresses not looking good on the screen or in ads. And in this case, a nice smile, preferably with perfect teeth, can be your savior,” says the Persian-Filipino star.

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Malaya Business Insight

at Fashion Smile Dental Spa

GIVE your best smile by showing off perfect teeth. But teeth aren’t perfect: they usually show signs of wear and tear like stains and discoloration, some have cracks or chips, some are misaligned, uneven or irregularly-shaped, and some teeth have gaps in between

Fashion Smile has the perfect solution for perfect teeth: dental veneers. A dental veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or to protect the tooth’s surface from damage.

Dental veneers are used to correct a variety of teeth problems like stains, cracks of chips. They’re thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored material. They are designed to cover the front of your teeth. The veneers are then bonded to the front of the teeth to change their color, size or appearance. They can be made from composite resin or porcelain.


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THE term muscle tone has two definitions: the actual, true, physiological definition and the popular, conventional definition.

“Muscle tone, also known as muscle tonus or residual muscle tension, is an unconscious low level contraction of your muscles while they are at rest. Muscle tone is what makes your muscles still feel somewhat firm while you are resting and not intentionally tensing them. In its more conventional use, the term muscle tone refers to muscles that are visually clearly defined and have a firm appearance,” explains Dr. Shahideh Nikbin, co-founder of the Aramesh Spa in Makati City.

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Dr. Shideh Nikbin & Dr. Farzaneh Shmasi Founders of Aramesh Wellness Spa


Toning muscles at Aramesh Spa


Taumbahay Net 25 with Dr. Shideh L. Nikbin

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at Fashion Smile Dental Spa


 A Smile to Inspire

Julian Ghasemi at Fashion Smile

at Fashion Smile Dental Spa


Time for perfect smiles

    • Written by  Tribune Wires  . Tuesday, 12 January 2016 00:00
    • at Fashion Smile Dental Spa

 Braces are more than just aesthetic accessories for your teeth. They actually serve health purposes because straighter teeth actually have health benefits. Braces close the gap between teeth; correct an overbite, an underbite and a crossbite; allow for easier cleaning; lessen stress on the jaw; and create an even wear pattern to keep teeth strong for years.

And, of course, braces straighten teeth for a smile that exudes confidence and beauty.
“When your teeth are crooked, your bite is not exactly the way it should be for optimal chewing. Your teeth will end up hitting and rubbing against each other in ways that they were not designed to. Over time, this abnormal stress can have a devastating effect on the teeth and jaws. This stress can cause your teeth to wear down, chip or even to fracture. It can also dramatically advance the wear and tear your jaw would normally undergo, causing pain in the joint and difficulty chewing,” explains Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin, orthodontist and co-founder of Fashion Smile Dental Spa. Click here to read the complete article.


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Style Your Smile at Fashion Smile

“Make a smile your signature accessory.” More than just having a beautiful smile, a straighter teeth actually has health benefits. Just like any fine accessory you wish to have, aesthetics and quality is both a prerequisite.

Young woman with braces, close-up, portrait

Braces as we all know straightens teeth and promises a smile that exudes confidence and beauty, but more than just its aesthetic value, braces also closes the gap when teeth are far apart, it corrects an overbite, an underbite, and a crossbite. Properly aligned set of teeth allows easier cleaning, it lessens stress on your jaw and it creates an even wear pattern to keep your teeth strong for years to come.

Just like any best accessory, you only want it from the best as well. Fashion Smile Dental Spa provides top of the edge services with quality and only the best equipment and technology.


Here at Fashion Smile Dental Spa, our patient’s comfort and experience at the clinic is top priority.


Every Smile is Unique. Just like the service or kind of braces that every smile needs. Fashion Smile Dental Spa offers four varieties of braces:

BEST FOR: If you want to use your braces as a fashion accessory

Metal braces are now noticeably smaller and more comfortable. Better yet, you can also use it as a fashion accessory by having your dentist change the color of your elastics on your every visit.

BEST FOR: If you like the thought of wearing jewels on your teeth Every Radiance bracket is made from pure grown Sapphire. It is honed and heat polished so that it would be superbly smooth, incredibly clear, and astoundingly strong. Moreover, Radiance is nearly invisible on your tooth.

BEST FOR: If you don’t like to deal with elastic ligature – the small rubber bands. The huge difference with the self-ligating braces is that it doesn’t need ligature to hold the arch wire in place.

BEST FOR: If you don’t want people to know that you are wearing braces. Invisalign is a series of clear, removable teeth aligners. It is virtually invisible and is known to be an alternative to traditional metal braces.

You may book an appointment and discuss with the dentists what best fits your smile. You’re just one click away from that perfect smile. Click here to book an appointment.


Everybody deserves a smile they can be proud of.
Braces is for everyone who wants to achieve that confident smile.
And here in Fashion Smile, we style your smile.




The Daily Tribune

at Fashion Smile Dental Spa

Her smile exudes confidence, radiating a young woman’s success at such an early age.
Milka Romero is only 20, but she has already established three restaurants in the metro — ROKU Sushi + Ramen in TriNoma and Katipunan and Sushi Nori in SM Aura.
The 20-year-old Ateneo De Manila University Management Economics graduate opened ROKU with her mom Sheila, who is her constant travel buddy. They both love Japanese food as well. Milka is hands-on in her business ventures. She handles the PR, marketing and product development. Regular clients also see her taking orders and greeting everyone.


Milka’s fit bod is courtesy of her intense football training. Her confident smile is courtesy of Fashion Smile Dental Spa, where she gets her Philips Zoom Whitening procedure, the most advanced laser teeth whitening system.

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Her smile exudes confidence, radiating a young woman’s success at such an early age.

Milka Romero is only 20, but she has already established three restaurants in the metro – ROKU Sushi + Ramen in TriNoma and Katipunan and Sushi Nori in SM Aura.

Milka is the daughter of Air Asia Vice Chairman, sports personality Mikee Romero, the captain of the Philippines’ polo team  and owner of GlobalPort Batang Pier of the Philippine Basketball Association and the Manila Sharks baseball team. So it’s no wonder she is also into sports. Milka was co-captain of the Ateneo football team on her senior year. She has been playing football for 12 years and swears it has taught her many things, like discipline, that she is able to use in school and work.

Milka’s confident smile is courtesy of Fashion Smile Dental Spa, where she gets her Philips Zoom Whitening procedure, the most advanced laser teeth whitening system.

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Inspiring Smile

Manila Standard Today

at Fashion Smile Dental Spa



“Looking back at my years here in the Philippines, I realized that a simple smile can bring happiness to other people’s lives,” says Julz.

And Fashion Smile Dental Spa maintains her smile, the only one she trusts. The founders of Fashion Smile, dental doctors Farzaneh Shamsi and Shahideh Nikbin, are half-Persian and half-Filipino like Julz.

Both doctors believe that self-assured smile is powerful and can open doors, break ice and create connections.

Julz believes this, too. “I don’t know how many smiles I have given which I hope have inspired others,” she says.

An advice Julz gives to those who admire her is to never give up on their dreams.

“No matter how many obstacles we go through in life we must learn to have hope and always be strong. Being in the entertainment industry has always been a goal of mine, just having a chance to show my talent and to inspire others,” Julz says.

Get Julz’s lovely smile and inspire others as well, with the help of Fashion Smile Dental Spa, Unit 601 Heart Tower 108 Valero St., Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati City. Call (02) 4787738, 09175092010 or 09178207827 for inquiries and appointments.

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Milka Romero’s Zoom Whitening Experience with Fashion Smile

Milka Romero, owner of Roku and Sushi Nori Japanese restaurants shares with us her experience with Philips Zoom Whitening at Fashion Smile Dental Spa.

Teeth Whitening is among the most requested dental cosmetic services, Milka is no stranger to this service at all. Milka shares she has actually tried this service before but is quick to add Philip Zoom Whitening with Fashion Smile Dental Spa has the quickest and highly-visible result right after the service. “It was worth it.” – were Milka’s words to best describe the process.

The treatment lasted for 45 minutes and Milka stepped out of the room with undeniably visible results. Dr. Farzaneh Shamsi explains how the treatment can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades whiter than they originally were.

“I wanted a perfect smile, I wanted to really make my teeth shine.”
Did she achieve this? Be the judge.

Milka Romero for Fashion Smile  Teeth Whitening by Fashion Smile
(Milka Romero right after her Philips Zoom Whitening procedure at Fashion Smile Dental-Spa.)

Dr. Shahideh Nikbin of Fashion Smile adds how this service is perfect for young professionals.  With its irrefutable fast results with little to no discomfort at all, it’s perfect for people who are always busy and with high demands on their time. Milka manages three restaurants, is in and out of the country with her travels, but she makes it all look so easy and fun with her now more vibrant than ever smile.

Fashion Smile Dental Clinic Makati

You too can have this shining white smile. You may visit our Contact Us page or book an appointment right at our website.


Aramesh: a break away from hustle-bustle day-to-day routines

Written by MJ Gonzales
Aramesh Spa and Wellness is the first Persian spa in the Philippines

In the interview of with Dr Shahideh L. Nikbin (DMD, DDS, MSD Orthodontist) and Farzaneh J. Shamsi ( DMD Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist) they shared that their businesses are there to solve oral health and beauty problems minus the stress.

According to these two half Iranian- half Filipino professionals Aramesh is word that means relaxing and peaceful. It’s their also definition of pampering their clients who just want to break away from hustle-bustle of their day-to-day routines. It’s complementary to their Fashion Smile clinic, which offers aesthetic-sense to normal dental services.

The idea of the spa is to give their patient’s companions something more than the usual movie viewings, books, and magazines to occupy them while waiting.

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Smile to Stress-Free Oral Health Services of Dr Shahideh L. Nikbin and Dr. Farzaneh Shamsi

Written by MJ Gonzales

Fashionable, trendy, relaxing and peaceful are different words that when you experience all together the feeling is almost indescribable.  At Fashion Smile Dental Wealth & Spa and Aramesh Wellness and Spa located at the heart of Makati, patients enjoy one-of-kind services that make them trendy, stress-free, and serene. How? First, it is by “who” is the passionate dynamic-duo behind these establishments – Dr Shahideh L. Nikbin (DMD, DDS, MSD Orthodontist) and Dr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi ( DMD Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist).

Though taking care of oral health is must for all, but people still find it tedious and nerve-wrecking. Arguably it is because of the automatic expectations that when they visit dental clinics and dentists the experience would only be between boring and scary.

Fashion Smile Dental Clinic at Makati

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A Persian Spa Experience at Aramesh Spa & Wellness

Written by Rodel Flordeliz

aramesh spa-13

Before starting the session, you will be given a form to answer for you to determine the massage pressure you prefer. This could be soft, moderate or hard, I picked hard. Aside from that you can also invlude the areas of your body you would want the masseur to focus to, or areas you want to be avoided.

Right after, pick a particular oil. I tried bliss-heaven

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By Malaya Business Today

 BESIDES her unblemished track record in volunteerism and humanitarian service, Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwen Pang also takes pride in her pearly whites that give her confidence and a smile that’s warm and accommodating.

“I always smile at people, whether I know them or not. A smile says a lot of things about a person. And I take time and effort to maintain my teeth healthy and white,” says Pang.

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Bright smiles on the brightest time of the year

By MST | Jan. 14, 2015

Fashion Smile Dental-Spa uses state-of-the-art procedures to enhance the beauty of its clients’ smiles.

Celebrities like the members of Los Viajeros like Fashion Smile’s ambience that relaxes them and makes them feel at ease during treatments.

“We have never experienced such friendly and caring attitude. The service is 5-star quality and the dentists’ approach is very reassuring,” they say

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 Not your usual Dentist

by Antonio Delos Reyes – November 09, 2014


FASHION Smile is not your usual dental clinic. And its resident dentist, co-founder and co-owner Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin, is not your usual dental practitioner either.
The 31-year old Filipino-Persian orthodontist has the mission of bringing happiness and confidence to her patients.
“Dentistry became my passion after seeing the happiness in every patient; how much a laughter and smile without covering their mouth can boost someone’s confidence and lives. That was the moment I knew I wanted to be an orthodontist and a dentist,” shares Dr. Nikbin

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Persian with a passion

by Manila Standard Today on October, 26 2014


“What I enjoy about dentistry is coming up with a treatment plan, especially when it’s about giving a new smile to the patient. The most difficult part I find about dentistry is the physical pain it leaves behind after several hours of work, in my back or sometimes my hands,” shares Dr. Shamsi,who strives to keep up with the latest techniques and materials to provide her patients with the safest and most effective dental care and results.

Hundreds of hours of continuing education, including certification in cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry has brought Shamsi to where she is now, co-founder and co-owner of Fashion Smile Clinic in Makati established in 2010.

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THERE’S one thing that you can wear that never goes out of style – a smile. It’s always fashionable. This is the idea behind Fashion Smile Clinic in Makati City. Co-founded and owned by Filipino-Persian dentists Dr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi and Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin, Fashion Smile offers general dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, surgery and dental implant.
Dr. Farzaneh Shamsi, who finished her Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the Centro Escolar University and earned her second dental license as Doctor of Dental Surgery in Iran, says that FashionSmile is different because of its cozy ambiance that feels a lot like home.
“Our goal was for our dental clinic to not look like a typical clinic, to reduce or eliminate the anxiety that comes with visiting a dentist,” says Dr. Shamsi, who developed her lifelong love for dentistry as a child when she used to stay at the dental clinic of her mom, Dr. Gloria Jimenez, a Filipino dental surgeon.
Fashion Smile also installed monitors above the dental chairs, to play movies for their patient to watch while they undergoing procedure.
Before a patient undergoes any procedure at Fashion Smile, the doctors educate them not only about oral health and prevention, but also about their treatment.
“We would like them to know the steps of the procedure they will undergo, and what changes can they expect,” adds Dr. Shamsi.

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Tranquility in the city

by Manila Standard Today on Aug. 10, 2014

Makati City is a noisy and  fast-paced urban zone. Amid the chaos is a “plush cocoon that envelops and drowns out the noise and stress of the city.”

Aramesh Spa and Wellness is the brainchild of
Persian-Filipino dentists Dr. Farzaneh Shamsi
and Dr. Shahideh Nikbin

“Aramesh means relax, peace and tranquility. We chose to establish a spa in the Philippines for the comfort and overall well-being of our patients and their companions. We also want to bring Iran’s rich culture to the Philippines,” says Dr. Shideh, daughter of dental surgeon Dr. Fazel Nikbin and Dr. Wilma Lagpacan, a Filipina OB/Gyn.

“Our spa stands out among other spas because of its very unique interior and décor which has a Persian touch. Customer care and satisfaction is our priority, our therapists are very well trained, TESDA-certified and are DOH-licensed,” adds Dr. Shamsi, whose mother is Dr. Gloria Jimenez, a dental surgeon.

The spa has six beds, three armchairs, and one VIP room. Guests are offered Persian tea after their treatment. The interiors are characterized by arches—a typical Persian architectural feature and swags of fabric that are usually associated with luxury and elegance.

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Smile is fashionable

by Malaya Business Insight on August 04, 2014



This is the idea behind Fashion Smile dental Clinic in Makati City. Co-founded and owned by Dr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi and Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin, Fashion Smile offers general dentistry (oral prophylaxis, pit and fissure sealant, restorations, and endodontics),orthodontics (retainers, braces, TMJ appliances), cosmetic dentistry (veneers, dental crowns, bridges, dentures, inlay/onlay, teeth whitening, implant, bone grafting), and surgery (extraction, odontectomy or wisdom tooth removal, currettage). –

See more at:

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Get Pampered at a Whole New World with Aramesh Wellness

by Fashion Intern PH on August 12, 2014

Aramesh Spa

One of the reasons why fairy tales are such huge hits with not just kids, but with adults as well is because it allows us to escape the real world and enter a world where flying carpets exists, mermaids can turn into humans, and a dead person can be brought back to life with a true love’s kiss. In short, where anything and everything is possible.

While Aramesh Spa’s massage, hand and foot spa services are to die for, the spa’s interiors are amazing as well. Apart from offering one of the best massage services in town, it doubles as a small museum thanks to the Persian artifacts, paintings, and photos as well.

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Persian Relaxation at Aramesh Spa and Wellness

by Theresa Lim on June 23, 2014


“You’ll instantly notice the theme they have inside. It’s not the typical spa out there. It’s the only Persian Spa in the Metro. The owners Farzaneh J. Shamsi (Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist ) & Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin (Orthodontist) is a half Iranian-Half Pinoy living in the Philippines. I’ve met the owners and they are really lovely and nice! Too bad that they need to go outside the moment we arrived and wasn’t able to have a picture with them. Maybe next time! :)”

“I really believe that this Spa deserves more attention. A hidden gem in the heart of Makati that will make you fall inlove with their great and friendly service and especially one of a kind ambiance.”

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 Aramesh Spa and Wellness: Hole in the Wall Spa in Makati

by Ivica Rae Say on April 10, 2014


“Besides the place itself, customers would go back to Aramesh Spa and Wellness because of their services”

It was so good that I fell asleep and my masseuse actually had difficulty waking me. Aramesh Spa and Wellness is a hole in the wall in Makati that you should definitely try out.”

“It was one of the best 1.5 hours in my life! Aramesh was one of the most unique spas I’ve visited so far. I love the vibe of the whole place. I felt like I was transported to Persia when I entered the treatment room, for the interiors seemed as if I was in one of the scenes from Arabian Nights.The whole place also had this distinct scent which I find so relaxing. Their Pinoy Hilot was also different from the others I’ve tried. They seem to have added their own signature technique which resulted in a much relaxing and pleasurable experience. The hot banana leaves and the Ventosa treatments helped a lot to ease my back pains and spasms. Ms Grace, my therapist knew exactly which muscles to target. She really worked on the muscles which were stressed and didn’t stop until I felt relief. I actually fell asleep halfway through the treatment. After the massage, we were given each a hot cup of Persian tea which made me even more calm. The experience was simply divine! I will definitely go back and request for Ms Grace again!”

“Over all, taking time to find and visit a hole in the wall spa somewhere in Makati is really worth it! Nice place, good people and great services…We were even served tea right after our pampering! So When In Manila, if you are looking for serenity and pamper time, you might want to check out Aramesh Spa and Wellness,  it’s definitely worth the time!”

Click here to read the entire Article.

Meeting the Prints of Persia
By Rezza

“Before my session, I was served Persian tea.  This is served complimentary to all their guests/patients (upon request). As with all things exquisite, everything they used were from Persia (now known as Iran).  The teaset was intricate, and made with iron gently cladding the glass cup.  But what really  caught my attention was the sugar cones! Literally, they were tiny white cone-shaped thingies.  I made the mistake of popping one right into my teacup. Dra. Shideh laughed and said that was not the Persian way of drinking tea!  So I tried it all over again.  It should be this way…”

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Aramesh Spa and Wellness Take Two!

by: Anne Truehitt

Aramesh Spa and Wellness has given me back my “writing mode”. Why? That will be answered as we continue.

It was just an ordinary Facebook day. Much to my surprise, I got a message from Aramesh thanking me for featuring them on my blog. Well, isn’t that nice? To top it off, they invited me for a complimentary therapy to experience Ventosa for the second time in my whole entire life. Isn’t that double nice? 🙂 Now, that’s a motivation! 🙂

That is absolutely an invitation one can’t refuse. I actually have been meaning to go back to their spa, however, giving myself a pamper like that sometimes gives me a guilt trip. If I don’t work hard enough, I honestly feel that I don’t deserve to give myself time to pamper.

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